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Esso Single Network Fleet Fuel Card

This card gives you:

  • Simple, pump pricing policy
  • Access to 1,100 sites 
  • Ideal for fleets of cars
  • Simple HMRC-approved invoicing

Whether your car or van fleets run on diesel or petrol, the purpose-designed Esso Single card allows access to over 1,100 Esso sites. 

The Network

Esso Single Fleet fuel card gives you access to 1,100 strategically located sites nationwide, allowing you to fill up at all Esso branded fuel sites in the UK. This card ensures your drivers are never far away from one of Esso’s easily identifiable stations.

Fuel Pricing

Fuel purchased at Esso fuel stations is charged at pump prices, Esso fuel is priced locally so is usually very competitive.

Administration and Reporting

Velocity limits can be set, meaning you have more control over the number of times fuel is purchased on each card and the amount of fuel that can be bought. All fuel transactions are listed on a single HMRC VAT approved invoice, reducing administration for your business and eliminating the need to gather fuel receipts. Detailed transaction reports are available through the online account management system, which also allows you to order new cards or cancel any lost/stolen cards.


All of Esso’s sites are “online”, meaning every transaction is authorised at the point of sale. This system also verifies PIN numbers and monitors all Esso fuel purchases across Europe.

Each fuel card comes with its own unique secure PIN number. You can also personalise your cards with driver names or vehicle registrations, adding extra security to your fuel purchases.